ShiSeiDo MasK

ShiSeido Black MasK

This peel-off blackhead pack achieves whitening and deep pores cleansing effect by continuing to deliver active ingredients deep into the keratin layer while simultaneously removing keratotic plugs (comedoes), melanin and old keratin that contribute to dark pores.Eliminates the causes of a dull complexion and maintains pure, white and clear translucency. Also contributes to smoother skin. Formulated with black nano-powder that readily disperses on the skin. It adheres closely, as if bonding with the skin, thanks to its excellent film-forming power, fast dryingand air tightness. It soothes skin suffering from the effects of fatigue and contributes to comfortable firmness and even smoothness. Formulated with five Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts, including wormwood extract and gold thread extracts. 
A product with special formula by Shiseido to get rid of the stubborn black heads on face espnose area. The ingredients can be easily absorbed by our skin, hence effectively removing clogged pores (black head) so as to achieve tightening effect. Function: 
- Reduce dark spots, sun spots, black heads, and pimple 

Suitable for all skin type 
Can use up to 3-4 times 
Max 2 times/week 





ShiSeiDo WhiTe MasK

Shiseido's latest skincare technology development, the SHISEIDO Vital Perfection Mask has whitening,revitalizing and anti-aging effects. It contains an effective compound which combats skin aging and dulling known as the LAG Revitalizer. The LAG Revitalizer is rapidly absorbed into deeper layers of the skin, effectively allowing the skin to maintain moisture and nutrients. It reduce wrinkles, enhancing skin collagen regeneration, renewing elasticity, resulting in soft and smooth skin. 


- Whitening, revitalizing and anti-aging effects 
- Reduce wrinkle, renew elasticity and fight againts aging and dulling 
- Maintain moisture and nutrients 

* Recommended to use once a week.

* For more intensive treatment, could be used twice or three times a week, rinse the mask off after it dried, without peeling it off.

ShiSeiDo NatUrgo MasK

Originate from deep sea mud, include rich minerals & natural essence. Able to clean pores thoroughly, balancing oil secretion, suppress and lighten pigmentation, achieving whitening effects. Long term usage promotes skin revitalization.

It has the benefits of deep pore cleansing, removing dirt and impurities, minimizing breakouts, whitening and lightening pigmentation. 

The mask contains a compound LAG Revitalizer which has whitening, revitalizing and anti-aging effects.The LAG Revitalizer can penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, allowing the skin to maintain moisture and nutrients. It fights against dark spots, sun spots, black heads & whiteheads, and pimples, reducing pore size, reducing wrinkles, enhancing skin collagen regeneration, renewing elasticity, resulting in soft and smooth skin. 

- Minimizes Pores 
- Removes dead skin and leaves skin extremely smooth and fresh 
- Controls oil and sebum secretion. Suitable for oily - combination skin 

Suitable for all skin type & most effective for sensitive skin. 
Can use up to 1-2 times 
Max 2 times/week 

1) Cleansing (best with warm water)
2) Dry your face.
3) Gently massage mask evenly over dry face (avoid your hairlines, areas around eyes, lips, and eyebrows)
4) After the mask has dried (approx 30mins), peel off from the outer edges upwards towards the center.
5) Apply toner & moisturizer upon completion.

Can be use on both gender Male and Female and all ages. 

100% original and hottest mask in Taiwan dan Jepun dalam TV show. Easy to use and result is wonderful! 

p/s : use mask max 2 times per week .. :)


min order 5pcs..

buy 5-30pcs,
can mix (black, white, naturgo)

delivery cost:
RM6 semenanjung malaysia.
sabah & sarawak rm10